Posted on: September 3, 2009 12:37 am

Eagles 2010 Season

It looks to be a good one folks.

The Eagles out did themselfs this offseason by aquiring a few great big name players, and drafting some future stars in the NFL.

Lets start on draft night.  The Eagles first trade one of their two first round picks for Pro Bowl LT Jason Peters, then moments later move up in the draft and got slowly falling Jeremy Maclin to team up with another rising star WR DeSean Jackson on the Eagles depth chart.  Soon after the use their second round pick to draft a similar player type RB as Brian Westbrook in LeSean McCoy.

These three transactions will benefit the Eagles more than I believe they ever thought of.  First off they will be grooming LeSean to take over the position of Westbrook when he decides to retire in a couple of years.  LeSean could end up in the same situation as Brian, filling in for a injured star.  Remember the only reason Brian played becuase of often injured Correll Buckhalter getting injured once again.  LeSean doesn't have huge shoes to fill, and therefore could rise up and become a player caliber of a Tim Hightower like season.

Jeremy Maclin has proved to be a great reciever and kick/punt returner in college, and could transform to be a better one in the NFL.  He has the speed, and quick feet to excel in the Eagles mostly passing offense.  Teamed with DeSean Jackson, a second year WR out of Cal, they could become one of the youngest faster duo of recievers in the NFL.

Jason Peters has proved to be one of the elitest LT in the game over the last few years.  He has be awarded two Pro Bowl selections because of it.  His huge frame will easily hold up Donovan McNabb's blind spot this year.

Later in the draft the Eagles traded two fifth round picks for small DB Ellis Hobbs.  Hobbs could prove to stand out, and become that Nickel DB that Lito Sheppard was last year.  Remember Ellis Hobbs and Asante Samuel teamed up as the starting CB for the Patriots in their undefeated season two years ago.

Othe than draft night, the Eagles went out and replaced some free agents that were lost to the market (Brian favorite Eagle of all time, and  Correll Buckhalter)

The Eagles went out and signed Cleveland S Sean Jones, and troubled QB Michael Vick.  This two players could help the Eagles inexplicibly, or could harm the team socially, or thoughtfully.

Both players are risk takers, and have done some bad things in the past that harmed their careers.  Not so much Jones as to Vick, who served jail time for the do fighting ring that was under his name.

Vick could benefit the team in unexplanable ways, and could therefore make that last push to the Super Bowl, where the Eagles have been so close to before.

After this offseason ends, people will look back, and see what a fantastic job the Eagles front office did to reel in players to help their alreayd strong defense and offenses.  This will lead the Eagles triumphantly going to the Super Bowl and flying their way to a victory.
Posted on: August 17, 2009 12:39 am

Rasual Butler Trade

Clippers trade for Rasual Butler from the New Orleans Hornets and cash for a 2016 2nd round draft choice.  This transaction seems to make no sense for the Clippers.  They give up a draft pick in seven years, and receive another swingman which they don't need.  First and foremost Clippers need to get Steve Novak.  The Clippers gave an offer sheet, but he is waiting to see how much he can get.  
Rasual Butler has proved to be a good three point shooter, but he isn't young, and the Clippers seem to be getting older in a sense.  Waiving Mike Taylor and getting Mark Madsen and company.  Mike Taylor is a second year player, and proved that he could drive with the basket and be a nippy defender.  This trade could hurt the Clippers by sitting down players, they could be unhappy with their playing time because of the excess swingmen that the Clippers have.  Mike Taylor is a better player than Rasual Butler and could've been a better player for the team.  Butler's contract is much more that Mike's whopping 750k a year deal.
The Clippers need to stop getting useless players for example Mark Madsen and Rasual Butler, and bring back the "future" of the team such as Mike Taylor, Steve Novak, and maybe even Zach Randolph pending a doubtful trade for Chris Kaman.  Mike Dunleavy should stay as coach but not as GM.
Posted on: August 1, 2009 12:54 am

Clippers waive Mike Taylor

This latest dumb move by GM and coch Mike Dunleavy.  He waives a great backup PG in Mike Taylor who was a great young player drafted in the second round last year.

Mike Taylor who was drafted by the Portland Trailblazers with the 55th overall pick and then traded to the Clippers on draft night for a future 2nd rounder was wasted away this offseason.

My opinion was that he would be a great backup to Baron Davis and that Sebastian Telfair would backup Eric Gordan at SG.  That would prove to be a promising young back court.  With Mardy Collins being the defensive specialist at either PG or SG, and could play a little SF being 6 foot 6 inches.

Mike Taylor played sparingly last season becuase of a broken thumb, and when he came back looked better than ever.  He showed great speed and great drives to the lane.  Mike will be picked up by a team, and he could help a good bench become better.
Posted on: July 27, 2009 6:50 pm

Where in the world is Roy Halladay going?

Right now it seems like the Blue Jays are openly shopping Roy Halladay.  But to me it is only the Blue Jays management trying to see what they could get for him.  Right now teams are throwing out offers like crazy to reel in this Cy Young award pitcher.  The Blue Jays price is well too high, and to me it is because they aren't actually trying to shop him.  Roy Halladay has a couple of years left on his contract, and the Blue Jays say that they are fine holding one to him.  That is not true, either way if Halladay isn't traded now it will be at next years trading deadline.  The Jays aren't going to win and they know that, but when Halladay leaves in a couple of years in the free agent market he is going to get scooped up by a team that is willing to give up some huge money.  Well the Jays don't want to let him go and only get a compensory pick for him.  Right now they are just throwing out the idea that they are willing to trade Roy Halladay.  They are simply testing the waters, so when they actually have to trade him, they know the prospects that teams are willing to give for him.  After realizing that the price they are asking for is too him, other teams will understand that they have plenty of time to throw out offers.  Acutally they have until the end of trade deadline in two years to aquire him.  So MLB teams if you need him now don't even try, the Jays have no intentions of trading Halladay until the time is right, and if they don't get all the prospects they want they won't give him up.  Now I'm not saying it isn't possible, like if the Dodgers say we will give you Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, and James Loney maybe they will do it.  Or if the Phillies say alright we will give you Kyle Drabek, Dominic Brown, J.A. Happ, and others maybe the Jays wold agree, but right now I don't really think that the Jays are really going to trade him.
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